Our Trainer- Mike Previte
in action!
Putting together an educator and a business leader provides the very best in customized business training.  Mike Previte is Wisconsin’s foremost business trainer. As an educator. Mike has taught at the corporate and college level for 28 years. His business experience gives him the capacity to understand your business environment, needs and objectives - and then  design the very best educational experience for your entire force. His teaching style revolves around active learning, which allows workers to apply the training immediately after the training!

On Premise Workshops From The Hilltop Group

The Hilltop Group is going GREEN!   Instead of paying mileage to your employees to come to our training site, we will bring the training to your selected location(s) and CUSTOMIZE it!

Our industry-specific training applies to manufacturing, banking and more.
Our specialty is working with management to craft training that will improve your business in the coming year!

Here are some of our course offerings:

* Customer Service in a Competitive World
* Managing Millenials
  the new workplace melting pot  (1-3 hours)
*Leading without the title 
*Building High Performance Work Teams

Hilltop Sales Rep
Bruce Siebert
(shows a customer one of the items in the showroom)

The slogan at Hilltop is “If we can’t get it, you don’t want it!”  With a full print shop to back up all of your office and promotional/recognition needs, The Hilltop Group provides the experience needed to support any size company.

Hilltop Promotional Products and Printing

MAGNETS-Perfect for prospects and customers to clearly keep your name in view!

NOTE PADS- With your name/logo/phone number and website- everyone uses a notepad and we will print them for you!

PENS- From A.T. Cross quality pens to a wide range of value oriented suppliers- pens are a great way to promote your business!

COFFEE & TRAVEL MUGS- Another great way to show off your business- and say thanks to team members and customers!

BUSINESS CARDS, STRESS RELIEVERS and an amazing assortment of other promotional products- all aimed at highlighting your name and logo!

CALL (262) 389-5768 or E-mail us at corporatepride@4hilltop.com to get pictures and prices.

Hilltop professional model and delivery person, Cindy, wearing some of The Hilltop Group outstanding apparel;  professional, top of the shelf, Cindy represents the very finest that Hilltop apparel always conveys!  At Hilltop, “We Wear Pride On Our Sleeve”


Many of us "Over the Hill" group of Baby Boomers live in retirement communities that give us a fun social circle and a place to call home.  The Hilltop Group specializes in providing residents a sense of pride with many comfortable apparel items that allow you to 'wear your pride on your sleeve'!   Your logo and name can be placed tastefully on any item of clothing or blanket!


Nothing beats a coordinated, well dressed coaching staff on the sidelines.  Show pride in your team with logoed polo and moisture wicking shirts!   These items can be personalized with coaches names or simply the word that says it all..... COACH!

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